A research has just revealed that America and the world at large are certainly in the middle of ‘loneliness epidemic’ leading to less sex between couples.

But the amazing thing is that this is also linked to the Broadcast World, the contents of the screen. One American in a query asked ‘Does less sex have to do with the fact that most people spend all days starring at screens and living in virtual worlds’?

This is a big question relating to how we are addicted to watching screens and Televisions, simultaneously, even in the office and go back to the screens when we get home. A daily routine!

According to one opinion: ‘Loneliness is becoming more prevalent in modern society which can lead to people feeling sorts of isolation, or unconnected’. This can affect their mental health and well-being. Sexuality, according to the opinion, is one of the basic physical and psychological needs of human beings which are easily affected by this trend.

The opinion for America can well be the opposite for Africa where the broadcast contents are viewed as contributing to the growth of decadence of our values, particularly in youths. One voice said, for instance, that ‘Americans’ lifestyle and values may be changing, which is really affecting their sexual behaviour and sexual health’, regarding the current trend.

The trend in the US is that almost all demographic groups, adults, old and young, singles and couples, rich and poor are reported to be having less sex than they have had in at least the past three decades. And many contributors believe that spending all days staring at the screens take a big chunk of the blame.

The research can hardly isolate Nigeria. Most middle-aged married men spend their evenings till around 11pm outside their homes watching the football game at Sports Centers. Others stay in their living rooms watching the game while their wives snore away on the bed.