Reacting to a viral video, made by Actress Jaiye Kuti, where she slammed veterans for begging for money online, Adewale Alebiosu, a Nigerian actor has lamented out over the ridiculously small amount of money he was once paid at a movie location.

The veteran actor, who mostly stars in Yoruba movies, claimed that he was once paid N3000 for 11 scenes in a movie.

In a video making the rounds online, Alebiosu said it was an unforgettable moment for him the day he was paid the absurd amount despite working so hard.

The veteran stated that it was just a few days to Christmas and that he expected to earn enough money for his role to feed his family but it turned out different for him.

He stated that after getting the N3,000, he boarded a bus and cried uncontrollably till he arrived home.

This is coming after actress Jaiye Kuti slammed veterans for begging for money online.

Recall that the Actor had earlier lamented his poor state since he started acting and the challenges he faced after some incantation he made while on film’s roles. Claiming that his roles and incantation as ‘Babalawo’ in movies affected him in real life as he has no Car and never buy land or build house. Thus, asking his fans for help.

Jaiye Kuti criticised her colleagues who resort to begging for money from fans on social media platforms, stating that they should stop embarrassing her and her colleagues in the Yoruba film industry.

For the past few weeks, veterans like Iya Gbonkan, Lalude, Pariolodo and Alapinni have begged Nigerians over their deteriorating financial status.