By Clement Ige

SEAP FM, Okeho, Oyo State, is a radio station to watch this year, and all eyes are focused towards that.

Currently, on test transmission, SEAP FM is a baby of business mogul, Dr. Oladokun Olatunde, assisted passionately by one of his top staff, Dr. Maryam Akinbola.

SEAP FM is uniquely conceptualised as the Entrepreneur station, not just for the Oke-Ogun vast environment, but for all business minds across the country. Coincidentally, Dr. Oladokun Olatunde is the Chairman of frontline Micro-Finance Bank, SEAP, and other SEAP Investments.

Last December, the station hunted for top professionals, which has veteran broadcasters, Tunji Ajibade, as the head, to manage the station.

The station is slated for commissioning coming month, February, towards a full blast transmission.

Dr. Olatunde Oladokun (JP), Pastor, is a man who may be referred to as an unsung hero.

 Not one to blow his own trumpet, this philanthropist par excellence who admits that he has been tremendously blessed by God and is a devout Christian, follows committedly, the injunction of Christ that those who do kind deeds do so discreetly.

He is an incurable humanitarian, with a pastime to share his blessings with those not as fortunate as he is.

A committed Christain and Assistant Pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Olorunsogo Parish, Ilorin, Dr. Oladokun is a graduate of History who later became an Economic and Finance expert. He has now found fulfillment helping others overcome their financial inadequacies, many of who have come across him on their way to economic independence. His passion for the poor informed his drive to start the non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit oriented organization, Self-Reliance Economic Advancement Programme (SEAP) – a vehicle for financial empowerment and poverty alleviation with nationwide reach.

SEAP MFB has a reputation for playing a pivotal role in the conception, nurturing and growth small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) whether as startups or existing business.

This is also the goal of SEAP FM, nationally, as conceptualised for a geographical spread.