The Nigerian Film Industry, better known as Nollywood, has been visited by series of untimely deaths these past few months. From the veterans to the upcoming, the sector has experienced heavy loss that has left both fans and industry watchers aghast.

One would wonder, ‘Why the deaths?’ ‘What is killing them?’ ‘Is there a curse attached to these deaths?’

Death is inevitable and it is appointed for all to die. Non-stars are also dying day in and out, but a critical look at the Nigerian Film Industry will make one wonder if all is truly well.

Not less than 10 Nollywood stars have passed away this year with medical reports for the causes of these different deaths. Do we agree that the causes of these deaths are scientifically true or there is more to them than we see or hear?

A look at their lifestyle.


Most of these actors jump from one movie set to another that they hardly have time to rest their bodies which was not meant to be given undue stress, but do they care? No, they don’t. They collected millions of naira from about 4-5 different producers for different movies which they may likely shoot the same month. After spending about three-five days on the first set, they have no time to rest as they are ready to go to another movie set to work. At least they have been paid. Why rest?


As they have little or no time to rest, in order to stay fit and active for the task before them, they take things that will keep them awake and agile all through the period they have to take their parts. Most of these substances are hard drugs which will most likely have negative effects on their internal organs.

Many of our Nollywood stars are so careless that they don’t even practice those morals they preach. Some are heavy drinkers, smokers, sniffers and whatever they can think of to keep them strong for action. All of which will eventually affect their kidneys and liver negatively, leading to untimely death.


The Actors/Actresses Guild of Nigeria (AGN) should have regulatory actions against drugs that should be put in place on movie sets.

Actors and Actresses must help themselves, too, by checking what they consume. Importantly, they must ensure stress management. Life has no duplicate they have to give themselves enough time to rest.