In a groundbreaking move that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Nigerian cinema, the legendary Yoruba story ‘TI OLUWA NI ILE’, originally written by veteran actor and producer Alhaji Kareem Adepoju, popularly known as Baba Wande, is poised for a historic transformation into a stage play titled ‘ASIYANBI: TI OLUWA NI ILE’.

This momentous endeavor is made possible through the support of the international cultural organization AROBA GROOVE, signaling a new chapter in the legacy of this beloved cinematic masterpiece.

The 30 years old ‘Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’, one of Nollywood’s most-watched and top-selling films, left an indelible mark on viewers’ hearts with its compelling narrative and powerful performances. With the upcoming stage production presented by AROBA GROOVE, the timeless story is set to be reimagined and brought to life in a fresh and dynamic theatrical experience.

Penned in 1987 by Baba Wande, ‘Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’ was transformed into a cinematic gem in 1993 through collaboration with Mainframe Production, under the skilled direction of Mr. Tunde Kelani. The film intricately weaves a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and societal complexities, drawing viewers into a world where greed collides with tradition, and justice is sought through supernatural intervention.

The narrative follows the gripping saga of two individuals who conspire with a corrupt chief to illegally sell ancestral land to a petroleum company for personal gain. However, their deceit is met with fierce resistance from the community and the intervention of the oracle, embodying the land’s sacred deities.

As the true ownership of the land is revealed and consequences unfold, the chief finds himself entangled in a web of challenges that test his fate and traditional standing, leading to a climactic showdown that will determine his ultimate destiny. ‘Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’ garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying its status as a blockbuster and a cultural touchstone in Nollywood history.

Now, as ‘Asiyanbi: Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’ prepares to take center stage, Executive Producer Oladotun Taylor emphasizes the enduring relevance and resonance of the timeless story, underscoring its enduring impact on audiences across generations.

Baba Wande said: “This is a historic project. Even though I am the owner of the story, I am more than grateful to be part of this project. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I am witnessing a story that has been adapted to a film been re-adapted to a stage play. I give progenitors and producers kudos for their ingenuity. I am happy to be part of it in my lifetime.”

The Director of the stage play, Ropo Ewenla also expressed that he was awed with the project. “I was a bit shocked when I was first contacted. I understand creativity is limitless but this took me unaware sincerely.

“Since we have been on it, it has really been an exciting experience with the level of creativity, quality of team, cast and crew put together by the producers. I can assure Nigerians and the world that it is ‘Ti Oluwa Ni Ile’ redefined. It’s an experience everyone must witness and being the director of such a project makes me proud.”

The play will feature a talented cast of Nollywood actors, and promises to deliver a riveting and immersive experience that honors the legacy of ‘TI OLUWA NI ILE’ while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

AROBA GROOVE’s visionary approach to reimagining this classic tale in a new artistic form underscores their commitment to fostering creativity and cultural enrichment, setting the stage for an unforgettable theatrical journey that will captivate audiences far and wide.