One of the greatest gifts given to man by God is “free will”. Free will is the ability of man to choose whatsoever he wants without God interrupting him. The idea of free will is that God will never force anything on man.

Free will is one of the reasons why God will never force Himself on you. If you decide to serve Him, so be it and if you decide that you wouldn’t serve Him, He may not possibly force Himself on you, if you are unlucky.

I must tell the gospel truth; the reason the world is in a great dilemma today is because of our free will. The free will is actually not a mistake made by God rather its abuse by man is where the problem comes.

When I first gave my soul to Jesus, I used to think “God is omnipotent, why can’t He just clear off sin completely and by that, man will not be able to fall into sin again?” Later I discovered that free will is the reason God wouldn’t do such.

All the Old Testament Prophets were repentance preacher, they preached repentance more that the New Testament Apostles, still their words were always: “You have before you: life and death, choose the one you want”. This shows that it’s a will, you can decide to do so and you can decide not to do so.

Be aware that your free will ends here on earth and it decides your destination after life. You wouldn’t be able to decide your destination after life, it’s God who will decide that based on how you use your free will on the planet earth.

Is your free will submitted to Christ? Giving one’s life to Christ means submitting your will to him and taking up His own will against your free will.

Beware of afterlife, choose wisely.