Parenting is the only reason why we have the kind of world we have today. Bad parents keep producing bad children who grow to become a problem to the community while good parents keep producing good children. The Bible commanded all parents: “Show a child the way he will go, when he grows, he wouldn’t go out of it”.

God understands that all making start from parenting. Dr. Myles Munroe says “children were not designed to train themselves”. Even the greatest man that ever lived, the man Jesus, was committed to Joseph and Mary for proper parenting. This is just to show us how God values parenting.

However, there’s a way that God wants all parents to breed the children committed to their care which a lot of people are not aware of. For this reason, a lot of parents are damaging the children in one way or the other in the name of parenting.

God wants all parents to put the following factors into consideration as they breed the children in their care: the spiritual life of the child, the mental health of the child, the academic life of the child, the purpose of the child on earth and so on.

Quite a number of parents have made their children to dive out of their purpose by coercing them to study the course that never go in line with their purpose on earth. For selfish interest, quite a number of parents have made their children to get married to who cage their destiny and turn them to punching bags.

The experience I’ll never forget is how my father used to shout at us when we were still young. When he shouts, both our spirit and soul will be dead in us. He was so strict that his arrivals trembled us. Only occasionally we did have nice time with my father, often, he’s yelling around. This was his method of breeding us.

As I grew, I observed that whenever there’s a little sudden noise, my mind will travel far and all my body will start shaking from the inside. The shock is bad that I told my wife as we were preparing for our wedding that: “Do not share any news to me in a shocking manner”.

The parenting method of my father affected my health and it’s irreversible. Quite a number of parents have caused this and more to their children in the name of parenting. Today, I do not allow people to cause more damage to my mental health. If anybody shouts at me, I give immediately reaction to let the person know that I’m not in for such. Some people call this pride while some call it anything they like but I don’t want any other damage to my mental health. I do tell people I hate staying in a no peaceful environment.

Discipline your children, God wants it. Rebuke them, God wants it. Beat them, God wants it. But make sure that you don’t cause them any damage in the name of parenting.