Nigerian media personality, Olumide Ogunade professionally known as I.D. Cabasa, has brought a serious issue to light, expressing concern about the mental health of the country’s youth.

In a recent statement, he pointed out the prevalence of depression and drug addiction among young Nigerians. I.D. Cabasa revealed that the nation is potentially losing a generation to these twin scourges.

We are raising a generation of depressed people who are addicted to drugs. During covid, we took care of a top artist who was depressed and seriously addicted to drugs”-

Delving deeper into the issue, he recalled the COVID-19 pandemic period in 2020, when he witnessed firsthand the struggles of a top artist who battled severe depression and drug addiction.

Further emphasizing the gravity of the situation, I.D. Cabasa noted how societal pressures and current events in Nigeria contribute significantly to the widespread feeling of despair among the youth.

This observation aligns with a growing concern about mental health issues in many parts of the world.