I heard from Bishop David Oyedepo that if you are careless with One Thousand Naira, one thousand times, you have lost One Million without knowing.  If you are careless with Ten Thousand Naira a thousand times, you lose Ten Million Naira.

Now, how do you order and organize your resources?  This can be done in two ways.

First, maintain a record of income.

Second, order and organize your outflow.

Since I learnt this, every one Naira that enters my hands is on record. When I began to record every One Naira that enters my hands, that was when I began to appreciate the supplies of God.

Beloved, keep anything that enters your hands on record, not only your salary. When that record is kept, God will see how careful you are, how appreciative you are, and then He can supply you with more. When that record is kept, then your outflow can be well organized. That is, for everything that enters your hands, you remove your tithe, and set aside a particular percent for freewill offering, and other forms of giving such as giving to the poor, project giving, the prophet’s offering, reserve for further multiplication, investment, and what you can spend.

Now, do not forget this: order is the foundation for increase. Financial order is the pathway to financial wonder.

Beloved, if you are going to see increase, you must order your resources.