The redemptive work of Christ on the cross did not only cleanse us from sin and make us sons and joint heirs with our Lord, it also called us into the priestly office. So, you’re not just a Christian, you’re a priest.

A priest is one who is duly authorised to minister on sacred things, particularly to offer sacrifices at the altar. We’re not called priest to offer literal sacrifice to God but rather to offer sacrifices of worship, praises, and prayers to God; this is called a service unto God.

God called us primarily to offer our lives as a living sacrifice unto Him. This connotes that God wants us to be holy unto Him; He wants us to live for His worship and services.

You’re not just a Christian; you’re an anointed priest of God who is saddled with the responsibility to offer yourself as a living sacrifice, and to offer the sacrifice of worship. God anointed you to serve as a mediator/Intercessor for His people. You’re not just a follower of Christ, you’re ordained by God to teach the ordinance of God to His people by evangelism.

The services in the kingdom of God cannot only be done by the ‘called’, therefore God puts everyone who submits his/her life to Him into the priesthood office. You’re a Christian for the services of God.

What are you doing for God as a priest? Are you a chorister? Are you an usher? Are you among the Intercessors? Are you a kingdom financier? Are you an elder or adviser? Are you a cleaner in God’s house? Are you an interpreter? What service are you rendering in God’s kingdom? You’re not just a Christian; you’re a priest who’s called to serve in God’s vineyard.