Women are naturally sensitive to what they wear.

Every cloth you put on matters as that defines who you are and how other people see you. At least, it is a general saying that you are address, the way you dress. Some women are okay with t-shirt and jeans, and that makes them complete. As a woman, it is advisable you understand your body shape, have consciousness of what you wear, and how it makes you feel.

There are no rules to what you should wear, but remember, clothes have a way of affecting the way you talk, walk, interact, smile, and others. For instance, some women feel comfortable wearing a dress as long as it is design by certain brand. The taste may appear awkward to others, but the brand attachment changes all things to some.

Before you leave your house, whether wearing casual or for an official look, ensure your skin feels confident. Let what you wear brings you a smile, and those around you feel respected because you were careful enough to dress nicely. Let what you wear makes you happy and above all shine.

Many women forget the importance of dressing nicely for themselves and instead focus on pleasing others. If you opt to go for an expensive designer handbag to show off your worth to others, it shows deep inside that you have low self-esteem.

 Let whatever you choose to wear be about how comfortable and confident you feel, as that generally makes you happy. Note that if your dressing makes you feel happy, that impacts your personal life, business, and positively affect the people around you.

One helpful guide as a woman of fashion is to identify what works for you and maintain it. Know the right color that complements you. If you love wearing white clothes, camel, navy, cream, or beige, know how to balance them, and you will never struggle shopping for your right type.

If you love wearing heel shoes, you will not go for the uncomfortable type regardless of how great it might look. At first, you may find it hard to adjust, but when you realize you are dressing to make yourself happy and feel comfortable, anything else is out of the question.

If your dressing is not making you feel happy, self-conscious and secure, then it is not fashion.