Men without walls are men without guard; they are vulnerable to attack from the enemy and can easily be overcome.

God creates man with free will, this makes man a man. Man therefore has the ability to choose what he wants and what he doesn’t want. To avoid what he doesn’t want, man naturally develops some policies which by default he can’t explain how he comes about those policies. Those policies become the walls that guard him from what he doesn’t want. When this wall falls, he can’t escape what he doesn’t want.

God intentionally makes man this way, so that he can, by himself, be protected from mental attack, emotional damages, and any other form of natural attacks that can hurt and mar him.

Don’t break your wall to keep a friend. Don’t break your wall because of hunger. Esau lost his birthright through hunger. Don’t break your wall because of money. Ananias and Sapphira lost out because of this. Don’t break your wall for materialism.

Many centuries ago, there was an attack against a city called Babylon. Babylon was a city with great walls, so strong to be cast down. The enemy tried to pull this wall down so as to fight the Babylonians but their efforts for days was futile. The enemy eventually became weary and retreated. The prophecy that “the walls of Babylon will protect you” by one of the old citizens of Babylon became fulfilled and the citizens were joyous.

When your wall is pulled down, you’re ready to receive attack. May be you’re planning to break your policy because of a reason that doesn’t worth it, God is speaking to you now. Retreat, don’t break your wall!