The Director General, National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, Mr. Charles Ebuebu on Thursday, 7th March 2024, noted the potential of the new SLTV Satellite Pay TV network to deliver innovative and high-quality content directly to Nigerian homes during the public unveiling of the new SLTV Satellite Pay TV network, owned by Metro Digital Limited, at the Shehu Musa Ya’ardua Centre in Abuja.

While highlighting the importance of adherence to regulatory standards in his goodwill mesaage, Mr. Ebuebu emphasized the necessity for Metro Digital Limited to comply with the Nigeria Broadcasting Code as they commence operations. He advised the operators of the Satellite Pay TV Network to curate content that respects the cultural diversity and sensitivities of the Nigerian populace, beyond mere entertainment.

In conclusion, the Director General commended Metro Digital Ltd for the successful launch of the SLTV Satellite Pay TV Network, expressing hope that it would serve as a testament to innovation within the media industry.

Accompanying Mr. Charles Ebuebu was the Director of Public Affairs, Mrs. Susan Obi.