Why many haven’t rise beyond their present level is their inability to face their fear. People are under the siege of fear; fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of lack and others. But until you face it, you can’t win it.

The first thing that faced me while I was growing was fear. I was so fearful that I can’t enter even our room alone without being accompanied by someone. My father will always say: “if there’s someone in there that’s interested in scaring you, tell the person that I’m here”. But still, that didn’t create any courage in me.

When I finally left my parents to pastor a church in a village, then, I knew that I have to face the fear and overcome it. For one reason, the people who were members of the church saw me as their inspiration. If I express fear, I’ll make them lose the strength they are gathering. So, I have to take up courage and win over fear.

Some people are outside there, because they’ve failed once, they never try again because of the fear of failure. Some people couldn’t enter their season of manifestation of God’s blessings because of fear. If you don’t face it, you can’t win it.

Many people at the top today had once failed before. Elon Musk had once been removed as the CEO of a company he co-founded because he failed to lead as expected. The popular brand called 7ups is so called because it failed six times and only made its way through at the seventh time.

It’s not actually about the failure but how you see failure. If you see it as a means to an end, its fear may eventually bring an end to you but if you see it as a challenge, it’ll motivate you to rise.

Today, you need to discover your fear and deal with it.