At my early age, my English teacher said to me and my colleagues: “If you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail”. Another person said to me: “Opportunity comes but once”. It took me a lot of time to understand what those people were saying. However, I made those words to stay in my brain.

Later as I grew up, I became a minister of the gospel and I saw something that kept me on a search. I saw people serving God and still not blessed. I saw people paying tithes, offerings and even seeds and they don’t get results. I saw people praying and did not getting answers to their prayers. So, my heart became burdened as how to help those people out.

On my search through the bible and reading of books written by ministers of the gospel whom I believed the Lord has blessed, I discovered that answers to prayers come in form of opportunities; the one you “seize” is the one you get. If those opportunities don’t meet you prepared, you’ll miss it and it’ll seem as if God doesn’t bless people or as if He doesn’t answer prayers.

Until the time I understood the two adages above. Opportunity comes; however, your preparedness is very important for you to get results. If you aren’t preparing for opportunity, you’re already preparing to be a failure, even with prayers.

You might probably be somewhere there blaming God for not blessing you, for not prospering you or for not answering your prayers. It doesn’t worth it. I just told you one of the secrets to access God’s blessings.

Speaking to someone on this matter, I told him: “While taking opportunity, beware of scam. To avoid scam, don’t go in search of opportunities, it is God that’ll bring you opportunity; it’s not you that’ll search for it. But, be prepared for opportunity. If you’re searching for it, you’ll be scammed, beware”.

God’s blessings are real, answers to prayers are gettable, and preparedness for opportunity is one of the keys.

Stay blessed.