Nollywood frontline actress, Funke Akindele, is currently beaming with pride, following the success of her latest cinema movie, “A Tribe Called Judah,” as it claimed the coveted title of the number one overall film in both Nigeria and West Africa.

This cinematic triumph marked the biggest opening ever for a Funke Akindele film, setting a new benchmark in the realm of Nollywood.

The movie’s premiere In 2023 not only secured the top spot but also etched its name in history as the biggest opening of all time for a Nollywood production.

The euphoria continued as “A Tribe Called Judah” achieved a remarkable single-day gross, a testament to its widespread appeal and immediate popularity among audiences.

Akindele expressed gratitude for the record-breaking journey of the film, acknowledging the collective effort that contributed to its unprecedented success. The actress and producer took to social media, exclaiming, “#1 movie! Thanks for making it the biggest opening for Funke Akindele, the top Nollywood weekend.”

In a heartfelt message, she extended her appreciation to the dedicated cast and crew members who played instrumental roles in bringing the cinematic masterpiece to life.

Akindele’s gratitude was palpable as she exclaimed, “To the cast and crew members of this great movie, I say THANK YOU!! We made a movie!! This is definitely an ultimate cinematic triumph of 2023”