Some people believe that dreams, sometimes, are not worth they are, but from the spiritual angle, there is no dream without meaning. Although, it may be complicated and be quite difficult to interpret, yet there’s meaning to it. It may seem meaningless but it means something from the spiritual angle.

God did not put any system in place which is not necessary. He made dream a means of communicating with us. As God uses dreams to communicate with us so also do the kingdom of darkness uses dream to threaten, oppress and afflict people.

In this series, I’ll share quite a number of experiences because, henceforth, I do not want you to join hands with the people who believe that dream is not worth it. Henceforth, at all cost, get the understanding of what God is saying through your dream or what the devil is planning and take necessary step.

A minister of God once said something that shocked me. He said that someone had a dream; someone appeared to him with a syringe in his hand. The man with the syringe told the victim that the syringe has HIV blood in it. The man injected the victim. After sometimes, he began to feel somehow and he went for a test in the hospital just to discover that he’s HIV positive. Probably, he may be among those who believe that dream is not worth it.

A lady was instructed to observe a seven day white fast, on the last day, she said someone came to her in the dream with a meal. She was made to eat the meal and when she woke up, it was evident that she had eaten something. She said “my stomach was full and the taste of the food was all over my mouth”.

Many a people are where they were today because of their ignorance and the belief that dream is not worth it. God might have warned some people in their dream but they don’t believe that it is important. Had it been some people had sought the meaning of the strange dreams that they had, possibly, the problem they are facing today will not be there.

A man dreamt that he was at a funeral; he said “in that dream, it was my picture that was on the poster of the obituary. When they brought the corpse, it was me. I started shouting that I’m not dead but no one could hear me”. He concluded his narrative by saying “but I do not think it has meaning because I’m not dead”. Thanks to God that he narrated the dream to someone with the understanding that life is spiritual and there’s no dream without meaning.

Think back, what was that dream that you had had that you think it’s meaningless. A man after he has lost many things came to his senses and confessed that “anytime my business wants to experience a breakthrough, I will have sex in my dream and that’ll be the end of the story”. Look back, there’s something that God has shown you, there’s a threat that the devil might have given you. Look back, delete it from your brain that dream is not worth it.

God has shown to some people the pathway to their success. God has revealed to some people the way out of their predicament. God has revealed to some people the source of their problem. God has revealed to some people what they need to do to succeed in life but their beliefs about dreams held them captive.

My prayer is that the Lord will help you remember that important dream in Jesus name and He’ll give you the grace to understand it in Jesus name. Your feedback is important, don’t forget.