Veteran gospel musician, Pastor Joseph Adelakun, popularly known as Ayewa, has said that many great personalities are the sources of Nigeria’s problem.

The cleric-cum-musician who has dignified himself in the gospel music ministry and the vineyard said this in a recent interview.

When asked what his experience was like during the military era and now and his take on the situation of the country, he said: “I strongly believe that Nigeria will soon be a better place. I am not a politician, but I have a strong conviction that our country will be better if we can unite with the present government. It is obvious that President Tinubu has a strong determination to make Nigeria better, but some forces, even within the government are sabotaging his effort. I want to urge President Tinubu not to give room for any distraction; I also charge Nigerians to be courageous in ensuring the restoration of Nigeria. It is our collective effort to fight against anything that will draw us backward.

With my experience in the army. I will not support the military should take over. It won’t be funny. If we all get it right the democratic system will make us thrive as a nation. The president should forge ahead, though he has his past issues. Who knows that Saul of Tarsus will become Paul the Apostle that God will use? Many people don’t know God can transform the bad into good.”

Speaking on the way out of the current situation of the country, especially the fuel, food, and electricity inflation.

He said: “The problem is affecting everyone. I am also feeling it. The Yam flower I love so much is now expensive. It is only God that can help us. I am convinced that Nigeria will still be better. Things will soon become surplus. What we need is genuine cooperation from all and sundry. If we can be patient with the government we will still experience a great miracle. Some people believe the peace and progress of the country will affect them, so they are looking for every means to sabotage the system. That is why they are using kidnapping, inflation, and other economic problems to affect the smooth sailing of the country.

Many great personalities are the source of Nigeria’s problems, but the problem is who will apprehend them? Those that are causing problems are the ones that the government is taking care of and treating as kings because they want to remain wealthy all their lives. I only tell clerics not to relent in their prayers.”