Knowing that God is a businessman is of great importance. God is a the original businessman who wants His people to invest in the talent He deposited into each one and make good profits from it.

Pastor E.A Adeboye has recently spoken about the business side of God.

He said, “God builds businesses, believe it or not God is a businessman. In Mathew 25, when He was angry with the servant who buried his talent. He said at least you would have put my money in the bank so that when I come we would have collected interest. When He teams up with you suddenly your business begins to blossom. If you don’t believe me, ask Peter.  Peter fished all night and caught nothing, Jesus became his partner and in one throw of the net he caught so much fish that he needed help to carry it.

  •    I have said it before that a day is coming soon when you will take your money to a bank and the bank will shut down for three days.

Someone is saying how can anyone have that kind of money? I had a friend who is dead now, he was driving in Lagos and he had a flat tire. So while the driver was changing the tire he came out and he decided to stroll, while he was walking he saw the branch of a bank, he said “I remember this bank, I remember I deposited some money here”. He went in and told them “I want to see the Manager”. “The Manager is busy but you can see the Accountant” “ about what Sir?” “ I deposited some money here and I want to know what my money has become”. They say how much is this money which he has forgotten  for eight years “ten million pounds”. He forgot 10 million pounds in a bank for eight years, this is not recently oh, and this is a long time ago.

A day is coming, when you tell a manager that you are going to withdraw your money and he will prostrate to beg you.”