Prophecy, sometimes regarded as word of wisdom or word of knowledge, is God’s way of talking to His people either in relation to the past, present or future. Essentially, prophecy is God talking to man through a human agent.

Although, some people are misusing the gift of prophecy, however that doesn’t deny the authentication of prophecy. Some people have been deceived by the reason of prophecy to the extent that they don’t believe in prophecy again. But before I start talking about the causes of unfulfilled prophecies, let me tell you that there are still genuine prophecies that are beyond doubt.

Everyone who is prophesied to will definitely look forward to the fulfillment of the prophecy or rather will look for the solution to avert a bad prophecy. Over time in ministry, I have seen some reasons why prophecies are not fulfilled. The first thing we must be aware of is that after the human agent has delivered God’s word, he/she has nothing to do with the fulfillment, rather he/she who is being prophesied to is left to take responsibility towards the fulfillment.

Every prophecy said by God will be fulfilled by God and not the human agent used by God. Therefore, it’ll be a human error to gaze at the human agent for the fulfilment. After prophecy has been said, many people only look forward to the fulfilment without walking in the path of the fulfillment.

If prophecy is not fulfilled, it is not God’s fault neither is it the human agent’s fault rather it is the fault of the one who is being prophesied to.

If God releases His promises on you through prophecy, there are certain things that you must do. Here are some tips:

  1. Never stop reminding God of His promises in prayers. The day you stop praying is the day your angel will stop functioning. If Daniel had stopped his prayers on the 20th day, he wouldn’t see God in action on the 21st day. You have to keep praying till the prophecy is fulfilled.
  2. Walk in the path of the prophecy. If God promises you money and you stop working, that prophecy will not be fulfilled. If God promises you job and you stay at home sleeping, the prophecy will not be fulfilled. If there’s something that God loves, certainly, one of them is the ability to try. I was looking for a two bedroom apartment, and God promised me one, I found the one He promised me on my way searching after so much stress.
  3. Avoid anything that can hinder the fulfilment of the prophecy. People actually believe that delayed hope weakens the heart but God loves it that man walks with Him in faith. Worry, to God, is absence of faith. He wants you to wake up each day seeing the prophecy fulfilled. Don’t doubt God, don’t be pessimistic, and don’t say bad words to Him.
  4. Align with God who promised you. If your ways are contrary to God’s standard, none of His promises will be fulfilled on you. The best time to align with God’s standard is when He has promised you.
  5. Don’t seek the fulfilment at all cost. It is in the power of God to fulfill prophecies not in the power of men. Some people have received promises from God and yet seek the fulfilment either from man or from the devil. When God promises you, He’s the one to fulfill it.
  6. Stand the test if time. God watched Abraham for many years after He has promised him an heir before He fulfills the promise. When there’s prophecy, there will actually be a test of faith from God. No one can predict how and when God will test your faith but certainly, He’ll test your faith. If you fail, the fulfillment is at risk.
  7. Don’t give attention to the devil. When there’s prophecy, the devil will definitely give room for storm that’ll make you to think that God is lying, if you give attention to him, he may take away the fulfilment of the prophecy from you.

My prayer is that God’s promises be fulfilled in our lives this year in Jesus name.