Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku, staged a solo protest on Monday, drawing attention to the issue of hunger in the country.

In a viral video, Anuku was seen holding a flag with the inscription ‘Hunger dey ooo’ (meaning ‘hunger is real’ in Nigerian pidgin English), highlighting the plight of many Nigerians struggling with food insecurity.

Some Nigerians have expressed dismay over this as they remark that it is indeed a pitiable sight to see a veteran actor speaking of hunger

timeless_cyril remarked: “This is really disheartening for a Nigerian nollywood actor to be crying for hunger”

ekua_paulla said: “Is he not a citizen??? Protesting is his right leave celebrity life aside ….hunger dey”

iamkingsleychinedu wrote; “This is so commendable, we need more celebrities like him”

veevogee stated: “This is commendable ‘cos the way we’re all relaxed with whatever these people throw at us is alarming.”

sandie_wills penned: “Is he trying to get into character for a role in a movie?”

starboy_hairs said: “Y’all acting like man isn’t standing up because he’s a celebrity

But man is standing up for all.”