Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye has opened up about her relationship with her mother, who she claimed left when she was 2 years old.

She made this known during an interview in a podcast with media personality, Hauwa Magaji.

Ademoye noted that though she is not close with her mum, she still ensures she caters to her mother’s needs.

The Anikulapo star said, “My mother is alive. She lives about 15-20 minutes away from me. We just don’t have a friendship. I do not talk about it because I would love for people to respect that. I am a very private person. My mother left when I was two.

“My first ever betrayal came from my mother. We tried to rekindle the relationship — I would not want to use the word rekindle because there was no romance there because I did not get to know her, but I tried to build a relationship with her. Right now, we have a relationship. I am doing my duty as a child. I pay for this, pay for the rent and allowances.

“That is about what we have. I am very okay with that and I am open with the no friendship, no closeness that we have for my mental health and my own sanity. My mother is very much alive, and she is very beautiful and robust. My father is light-skinned. I got my skin colour from my father and my weight from my mother.”

Meanwhile, the actress has been constantly singing her father’s praises whom she claimed has been always there for her in all phases of her growth.

Recounting his role during her first audition, she said;

He was very supportive. My dad took me to my first audition and waited for six hours outside. I wasn’t that young then, though I had just finished school.