Popular Nigerian rapper Ice Prince, has stated that he is not ready for a committed relationship, contrary to Moet Abebe’s assertion that they have been dating for 12 years.

It will be recalled that on-air personality Moet Abebe had claimed during an interview that she and Ice Prince have been in a relationship for 12 years.

This statement came amid dating rumors after they both stepped out in matching outfits.

However, in a viral interview with The DateBizz, the rapper contradicted her claims, stating that finding love has been challenging for him.

He said, “Recently, it’s been hard for me to get love. Not because I don’t want to, but my mind has not been in the right place for a relationship. And I don’t want to have a girl suffering with me. I needed time to put certain things together, especially my music and finances

“I don’t go around with holes. If you see me with a woman, she’s probably someone that I so much respect, somebody that we have mutual understanding. Any woman that you see me with or having sex with is someone I respect.

“As to a committed relationship, I wouldn’t say that I’m in one right now. I should get married soon, hopefully. I don’t want to go past 40 years before getting married. So I’m searching.”

“I wouldn’t say I am in a committed relationship right now…I don’t want to go past 40 without getting married”.