Opinion : Dear President Tinubu, Primate Ayodele Needs To Be Questioned

Before Bola Ahmed Tinubu became the President of Nigeria, Primate Ayodele through his prophecies warned sternly against electing him into power basically because of what he saw in his prophetic lens.

In a video that has gone viral even beyond the shores of Africa, Primate Ayodele was heard saying that if Tinubu becomes the president of Nigeria, the country would sink economically.

He described the situation he saw as one that would be so terrible to the extent of Nigerians not being able to afford basic amenities. He said Nigeria will sink.

His words are below

‘’I’m not saying anyone should not insult me; I am not scared of any human being. If Nigeria votes for APC in 2023, things will be tougher. We will see human beings and want to eat them like food. This is how God told me. I am not saying you should not criticize me or say anything against me even as an APC member, I warned you in 2015 too. If you want to vote for lies in 2023, if you vote for the party that has a broom as their symbol, I pity churches. I am not against anybody and I don’t vote, Nigeria will be tough. If you vote and Tinubu enters, there will be serious problems.’’

‘’If Nigerians vote for APC in 2023, the country will sink, we will swim in poverty, and the economy will be in shambles. If APC wins, Nigeria will suffer extraordinarily. We have not yet seen hardship; if APC wins, the real hardship will come. The economy will be sick.’’

This video was recorded in 2022 before the election but it didn’t make so much sense, it was a campaign period so it was normal to feel the prophet talked out of his interest in politics but the story has changed now. As much as his videos were not accepted generally then, it has now become a reference point for everyone including members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) who are now experiencing the reality of things.

The reality of things in Nigeria is that economic hardship has eaten deep into the lives of everyone including the rich ones. Primate Ayodele said in his video that the hardship that will be experienced in Tinubu’s government will be nothing compared to President Buhari’s own and unfortunately, this has come to pass within a few months of President Tinubu’s presidency.

In the history of Nigeria, there has never been a time when cassava flakes (garri) became so expensive as it is now, Rice is now close to N70,000/bag, and several essential commodities that an average Nigerian could easily afford are now inconvenient for the rich to purchase, are these now all Primate Ayodele said in his video? Are we not swimming in poverty already just like he said?

Yesterday, there was a massive protest in Niger due to the economic hardship. It is not a culture in the northern part of the country to protest against the government but because things are extremely hard for them, they had to come out and express their pains.

Earlier today, residents of Kano stormed the streets to protest the high cost of living, economic hardship, and difficulties experienced daily. This is a core northern state that didn’t care about these protests but the current situation of things have left them with no option.

Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele in a different video said that there will be protests in the country due to the economic hardship faced by the people. He mentioned this in November 2023.

All of these are what Primate Ayodele had said and they are accurately coming to pass the way he said them. My question now is, what is President Tinubu doing about the issue of Primate Ayodele?

This man appears to know a lot of things those in government are not privy to because how was he able to accurately foretell what will happen in an administration before the election? He who knows all of these should also have the solutions to all of these problems faced in the country.

As a concerned citizen of the country, I would advise President Tinubu to question Primate Ayodele, especially on our economic matters. If he knows so much about what will happen in months to come, He should be able to lead our officials to the correct solution to avert trouble from happening. In my capacity as a public analyst and good citizen of the country, I hereby advise President Tinubu to question Primate Ayodele.