Jusmen 105.7 FM, a radio designed for the energetic and cosmopolitan Lagos audience, is now on air.

The station went live on May 1 2024,  promising to be the bridge between today’s Gen X-ers – Millenials and the GenZs.  

A statement from Bliss Broadcasting Ltd, owners and operators of Jusmen 105.7 FM, says the radio station brings the best of hip hop, Afrobeats and RnB to Lagos.

“Starting May 1, Radio Jusmen will broadcast 24/7 on 105.7 FM, offering a unique blend of music across eras,” a part of the statement reads.

According to President/CEO of Radio Jusmen 105.7 FM, Jonathan James Lyamgohn, popularly known as  king-James, “we’re thrilled to bring this new energy to the airwaves. We are bringing together an amazing ‘bridge’ of generations of radio listeners who are very big on the music they love and those they share their fun moments with. These generations comprise over 85% percent of the Lagos population as well as the radio listening audience.  

“Our team of very young radio people, is very passionate about music and committed to providing a platform for the listener and artists to each enjoy themselves and thrive, hence our tagline; GREAT MUSIC, GREAT FRIENDS!”

Content & Creative Director of Radio Jusmen, Osato Edokpayi (popularly known as EDK), also said, “we just simply can’t wait for our listener to experience the vibe we have been cooking all these while.”

 He added, “the team is young, ambitious, talented and fully committed to showcase an amplified dimension to doing radio”.

Jusmen 105.7 FM management says its daily lineup include; THE MORNING FIX, THE GRIND, UPSIDE, *THE RUSH, *MUSIC CAFÉ, *LAGOS JUMP, *JAM JAM WEEKEND, *OG’s WEEKEND

According to the station’s management, Radio Jusmen 105.7 FM started its breakfast show THE MORNING FIX on May 1 and other events are lined up to follow.

Jusmen 105.7 FM also streams  via online streaming on the station’s website, www.radiojusmen.com.

It added that the radio is also available on various leading radio streaming aggregators like TuneIn, radio garden and Simple Radio apps.