Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has advised pastors and ministers of God to prioritize setting their own affairs in order before assuming leadership of a church. He conveyed this message during a sermon titled “Our Call And Commission To Serve The Lord.”

Speaking at a recent Leadership Development Service, he said, “If a man can’t keep his wife and his children under control, he can not control the church. Not a novice but somebody who have experience in the grace of God, experience in leading the church of God to spiritual experiences, those are the people that are capable. They are steadfast and have stamina to lead in the church, those are the people that are leaders, not a novice.”

Speaking Further he said, “Character comes before charisma. The behaviour comes before ability. You cannot just say you’re a leader and you remove someone because he’s not good, and you yourself you’re not good, you’re careless and you’re indisciplined, and you’re not behaving as a real Pastor and as a real minister ought to behave, in the language of your mouth and in the action of your life.”

He further emphasized that for those aspiring to be leaders, they should abstain from excessive drinking and avoid being greedy. Instead, they should exhibit qualities of patience and endurance. Additionally, their household should be characterized by tranquility, harmony, and organization. The family members should hold the leader in high regard due to their dedication, unwavering commitment, stability, and morally upright lifestyle.

Concluding his statement, he said, “God will help us to maintain the standard every time, whatever other denominations and churches are doing IN Jesus’ Name.”

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