I am a woman, of course my body is my selling point so I have to do all it takes to look good by investing on my looks and outfits.

If you belong to this school of thought then, you are the reason men asked women they are intending to go into a relationship with what they will be bringing to the table.

Trust the Gen-Z baddies, they don’t need to bring anything to the table as they are the table itself.

Know this, a man will never ask a valuable woman what she is bringing to the table.

If as a lady you get to a stage where a “responsible” man is asking you what you bring to the table, it means he has seen no value in you and probably wants you to speak for yourself, perhaps, there is something hidden somewhere, a potential you are yet to tap into.

The question, what are you bringing to the table, only becomes necessary when there is obviously nothing visible to see. If you are not in a job interview and you are asked such question as a lady for relationship purpose, then you need to reevaluate yourself.

While it is good to appear nice at all time, as we are addressed the way we are dressed, it is very very good to invest on our intellects. Beyond buying expensive wigs, outfits and so on, buy books, refresh your mind, learn new things, go for professional courses, study more and more, you will need to establish yourself and be that woman that a man will know she is bringing everything to the table after having only a few minutes conversation with you.

As a woman, don’t just be current in latest gossips, build and develop your life/skills in other spheres of life. You should be able to make meaningful contributions while having conversations.

We have seen the fine face, are we certain of a fine brain?

In other words, while investing on your body, looks, hair, nails and outfits, do well to also invest on your intellectual property.

Looking Beautiful is not Enough.