Sometimes, there are things we want so badly that we don’t mind going the extra mile just to get them. There are places we so want to visit and we don’t mind whatever things we might forfeit to visit the place. If we are able to achieve this through any means, morally right or not, the basic question to ask in the end is “Does it really worth It?” “Does this thing or place worth all the sacrifices I have made?”

If the answer is No, maybe that thing or place is not so important then.

Years ago, I remember feeling odd whenever my friends and schoolmates discussed outings to malls, restaurants, parks, beaches, and other places of interest and I have no contribution whatsoever to make because I have no experience of what they were discussing.

The pressure was much at some point that I did not mind giving it all it takes just to have a first hand experience of places they talked about with such great joy. However, the opportunity to give it all it takes did not come, so I had to resign to fate and keep fantasizing about my ideal miracle.

Today, I am not always eager to go to those places because, in all sincerity, I got tired already. I’ll prefer to sit at the comfort of my home and place order for things I’ll like to get from those places.

So, what if? What if I have found myself doing the unthinkable because I want to experience what these places look like? Would I be proud of my first time experience now that I got tired already?

Similarly, I read a story of a lady who got exhausted at the thought of boarding a plane compared to how she felt the day she took her first international flight.

What is the moral of this story? Take it easy in yourself, once you taste It, you might lose the hunger and excitement.

I am not saying the feelings are not valid, they are not out of context, but… don’t do illegal or immoral things for things or places you might at the end get tired of.

It won’t be a nice thing that, when you are supposed to enjoy those things you begin to regret having exchanged your body for a first time experience.