She asked, “If celebrities are doing it, then how is it wrong?” Why is what’s wrong was the answer she got as opposed to what she was expecting?

I was calm enough to allow her fully express herself in other to have a clear understanding of what was running through her mind.

Okay, she goes, why is it wrong for me to party late? Expose sensitive parts of my body, consume alcohol and other substances.  It is my belief that the only set of people who are well to do in the society are those who do all of these things.

They are rich, famous and influential.  Are these people not supposed to be my role models as a young lady? And if there is anything their appearances command, then that’s definitely elegance.

For the purpose of the above, the first thing I’ll like to discuss here is “elegance”. There is a total misconception of what elegance truly means. Being elegant is synonymous to being stylish. Elegance is that beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity. It is a standard of tastefulness.

If there is anything that portrays elegance in anyone, then, such must exhibit refined grace and suggest maturity which in all sense dressing nakedly does not define.

Important to know is that the fact that other people are doing something does not make it right. “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”

As a lady, it is your responsibility to appear exquisite, neat, radiant and stunning.  It is very impossible to dress naked and then appear radiant.  Where is the radiance in nakedness?

I’ve seen great women who are doing well and are forces to reckon with in their various fields and have never at any point in time filmed themselves dressed half naked or consuming hard and harmful substance.

Often times, people have said that women should not be judged by their appearance but rather they should be judged by their character. If that is the case, what sense do we make of the popular saying “you are addressed the way you dress.”

Ladies, if you want to attract kings, always dress like the queen that you are. I have never seen a naked queen.

Magnets will only attract iron.