One of the acts that God pronounced His hatred for over and over again in the Bible is pride. Pride is an unreasonable overestimation of one’s superiority in terms of talents, looks, wealth, importance etc., which comes across as being lofty, distant, and contempt of others. God sees pride as a detestable act.

The proud are those who have an inordinate self-esteem; who have a high and unreasonable conceit of their excellence or importance. This may extend to anything; to beauty, or strength, or attainments, or family, or country, or equipage, or rank, or even religion.

A man may be proud of anything that belongs to him, or which can in any way be construed as a part of him, or as pertaining to him. This does not, of course, apply to a correct estimate of ourselves, or to the mere knowledge that we may excel others.

One may know that he has more strength or higher attainments in learning or in mechanical arts, or greater wealth than others, and yet takes no pride in them. He has only a correct estimate of himself, and he attaches no undue importance to himself on account of it. His heart is not lifted up; he claims no undue deference to himself; he concedes to all others what is their due; and he is humble before God, feeling that all that he has, and is, is nothing in his sight. He is willing to occupy his appropriate place in the sight of God and men, and to be esteemed just as he is.

Pride goes beyond this, and gives to a man a degree of self-estimation which is not warranted by anything that he possesses. God looks at things as they are; and hence he abhors and humbles this arrogant claim. This resistance of pride He shows not only in the explicit declarations of His word, but in the arrangements of His providence and grace.

The Bible explains the extent to which God hates the pride, it says “God resists the proud”. He doesn’t want to do anything with them because the proud wouldn’t return the glory to Him but rather exalt themselves before man.

No proud person is helped by God, the humble are the people the Bible says that God favours. Pride kills. Pride destroys. Pride devours. Pride is a prophecy of destruction upon the victim.