Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Bello Sanyay better known as Baba Lawori has cried out to Nigerians for help over a brutal attack from one of the aides of a chieftain of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, Koko Zaria.

In a post on his Instagram page, he recounted how he was performing as a Master of Ceremony at an event at Idumu Day, when a stranger approached him, claiming that Koko Zaria wanted to see him, unknowingly that it was a set up. When he got there, Koko Zaria questioned why he didn’t acknowledge him and Baba Lowori had apologized, promising to make corrections when he got back on stage.

As he turned back to return on stage, one of his associates smashed a bottle on his head and he was covered in his own blôod and lost consciousness. He revealed that when he woke up, he saw himself in the hospital and now he is scared to go out and has been in serious pain. He called on to Nigerians to help him fight for justice.

“An Unprovoked Attack: A Call for Help and Justice

The night, I was carrying out my duties as a Master of Ceremony at an event IDIMU DAY when a sudden and brutal attack changed everything. A stranger approached me, claiming KOKOZARIA wanted to see me. Trusting this individual, I dropped the microphone to meet with KOKOZARIA. Little did I know, this was a setup.

As I tried to return to the stage, one of KOKOZARIA’s associates mentioned my name, and in an instant, a bottle was smashed over my head. I was covered in my own blood, losing consciousness in the presence of KOKOZARIA.

The next thing I knew, I was being carried home, and in pain after my head got stitched. I am still trying to make sense of this unprovoked attack. I have done nothing to wrong these individuals, and I am left wondering why they would attack me in such a vicious manner.

I am reaching out to my fellow Nigerians for help and support. I need assistance in seeking justice and ensuring my safety. No one deserves to be attacked in such a brutal manner, and I hope that together, we can find the perpetrators and bring them to justice”.

Meanwhile, Ganiyu Oyedepo, popularly known as Koko  Zaria has firmly denied the allegations and criticised those who condemned him without hearing his side of the story. He said in Yoruba, “You all didn’t hear from me before cursing me. I hand you over to God.” He claimed he had always supported Baba Lawori financially and would never order an attack on someone he considers a friend.

Koko Zaria, an associate of MC Oluomo, explained that after Baba Lawori apologised for not acknowledging him, a fight broke out on stage, during which someone hit the actor with a bottle.

He claimed that he personally rushed the injured actor to the hospital, paid his medical bills, and even provided him with some money for his care.

Expressing his disappointment over the allegations, Koko Zaria said Baba Lawori was not being honest and that he had left the matter in God’s hands.