Nigerian Afrobeat artiste, Tiwa Savage, has opened up about her experiences filming her debut movie, “Water and Garri,” particularly focusing on the intimate scenes and her commitment to staying in character.

In a recent interview, Savage discussed the film’s conclusion, its romantic elements, and her plans for future acting projects.

Regarding what drew her to the “Water and Garri” script, Tiwa Savage shared: “I love the story. I love the story of coming back. I love the story of finding yourself again. It’s not such a happy ending, but then, in life you don’t always have happy endings. So, I loved that. And then I loved that it had a love twist to it. All of those elements were just very beautiful to me.”

Savage also talked about the romantic scenes, revealing how she occasionally forgot that her co-star was not her real-life partner. “I have a love interest in this movie and sometimes, if we’re like on set, I’d have to remember ‘that is not your boyfriend Tiwa’ [laughs]. You need to calm down. And then my real-life boyfriend at the time would come on set and I would be like ‘what is he doing here?’ [laughs]. We’re not together anymore though, so he can hear this.”

She recounted the challenges of her first day on set, which included a kissing scene: “The first day on set I had my kissing scene. I’m glad it was my first day because I just went right into it. I remember in my dressing room, I brushed my teeth like five, six times because I was like I needed to represent. But, he was very lovely. All of the cast was. They were really really nice.”

When asked if she plans to pursue more acting roles after “Water and Garri,” Tiwa Savage was enthusiastic: “Listen, I’ve told everyone, film cheques are good. So, I’ve got like ten scripts in my head. I have other stories I’m working on.”

Savage’s venture into acting has been met with curiosity and excitement from her fans, as she explores new creative avenues while continuing to make her mark in the music industry.