Dark-skinned Nollywood actress Omowunmi Dada has recounted her early days in the Nigerian movie industry and labelled it a time light-skinned thespians “got all the attention.”

She made this known in a recent interview with Channels TV.

“When I started acting, for example, most of the roles would go to ladies who were yellow. I mean, if you are either really, really fair [in complexion], which made a lot of actors alter their skins, or you are half-cast. Other than that, you are not going to get the major roles.

“But for people like us who stood our grounds and let our talent shine, it took time but right now we’re shining. Everybody is going for brown skin girls. Most importantly, because the whole world has started to accept our brown skin, our industry definitely you will see more brown skin girls ruling the screen right now. So, yeah, brown skin is winning except you are naturally fair, you know,” she said.

The actress laid emphasis on the importance of skincare, stressing that healthy skin helps you glow and look beautiful and productive.