An Ekiti born popular Nollywood actor, Adekola Odunlade has taken to his Facebook page to give seven reasons women should marry Ekiti men.

The seven reasons given by actor Odunlade why ladies should get marry to Ekiti men are stated below:

“They Are Great Lovers : Ekiti men are wonderful lovers; they can love a woman to a fault. Trust me, an Ekiti man is an unbeatable lover boy.

“They Are Naturally Faithful: Ekiti guys are naturally faithful. It seems they were born, fed, and trained to be faithful. So single ladies, you might “wanna” consider Ekiti “Bobo” as you will not need to have any problem with trusting him. He will not cheat on you.

“They are unrepentantly stubborn (no nonsense is allowed ): Exactly, you heard me right. I actually told you earlier that they have their good and bad sides, … you feel secured nobody can bully you not even you would be allowed to bully yourself.

“They Have Respect For Elders: You will never see Ekiti man disregard an elder. This makes them respect their in-laws very well. They don’t treat their in-laws anyhow.

“They Don’t Divorce Their Spouses: Isn’t that a plus for them in this world where divorce is very cheap? No matter what, Ekiti men hold their marriage very dear to heart so you cannot see them threatening their wife for divorce or filing for divorce.

“They Don’t Hide Their Feelings: Ekiti man will never hide his feelings from you. They say it as it is and as they feel. He is never scared of you criticising or nailing him.

“They Love Reading: Ekiti people are generally known for their academic prowess. They just love reading, remember in the record, they have the highest number of Professors.”

He concluded, “Don’t miss out on an Ekiti man if you are opportune to date one.