Odunlade Adekola is big. He has the potential to be bigger however, his lack of early university education remains a problem.

An above-average actor, sometimes overly hilarious yet the fans love him. He’s a meme god. A constant reminder of his talent, skill, and consistency in the last two decades.

Two weeks ago, I searched “Interview with Odunlade” on YouTube, but only a few results came off that search, they were mostly in the Yoruba language.

Odunlade’s deficiency in the English language has been a stumbling block in his career growth, a stark limitation to any attempt to crossover to the English-speaking arm of the industry. I have listened to him speaking English, and it always drags on, with too many second breaks like when Alabi Pasuma speaks English on TV.

Last year, he had a lifetime opportunity to strike a chord. Elesin Oba was the movie. Nothing came off it.

Orisha, his latest movie has been gathering views, 115 million naira and still counting. The PR push has been lethargic. Beyond the movie premiere jamboree, my brother has returned to his shell. Waiting for a miracle from heaven.

Just like Nyesome Wike said, if he didn’t dey, e didn’t dey. He might have gone back to school a few years ago. The effects are minimal. He’s stuck in the analog age.