Veteran Nigerian film actor cum lecturer, Kola Oyewo has opened up on his battle with an enlarged prostate.

Kola Oyewo shared his painful experience with Kunle Afod and his crew, who paid him a visit at his house in the company of Peter Fatomilola, known for his Ifa Priest roles in movies.

The actors who were excited to see each other exchanged pleasantries and settled down before Kola Oyewo shared his story of how he had a terrible battle with an enlarged prostate.

Detailing his ordeal, the thespian recounted how despite his agility, he found it difficult to pass out urine and after drugs administered didn’t help he drove to his family doctor.

Kola Oyewo who lost his wife in 2020 after she suffered a stroke shared how after series of painful scans and tests, the doctor informed him he had a large prostate, which was hindering him from passing out urine.

The doctor also told him he was lucky to be alive because it’s an illness that kills many people, to which the actor attested to knowing about 6 people that have died from the same sickness.

The veteran actor recalled his pathetic experience, which included a series of surgeries, more scans and tests he underwent before he regained his health.

According to Kola Oyewo, his testes (testicles) were cut off, yet he couldn’t pass urine easily and so he got tired of having more surgeries and opted to wear urinary collection bag attached to a catheter for the rest of his life.

Kola Oyewo toward the end of the video, revealed he and Peter Fatomilola have been friends for over 51 years, recounting how they first met in Osogbo. He also confirmed that the veteran actor is an Ifa priest in reality.