Yemi Farounbi Poetry Festival is a poetry festival organised by the Poetry Enclave (POEN), Ibadan in honour of the legacies built by the broadcast management guru, Amb. (Dr.) Yemi Farounbi.

The Yemi Farounbi Poetry Festival (YEMFAFEST) 2022 held at Alliance Francaise, Iyaganku, Ibadan was a unique event which attracted distinguished personalities in the country such as Professor Soji Adejumo, a former chairman of the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) who was the chairman of the occasion, Prince Ademola Ayoade, Mr. Banji Ogundele, Engr. Dejo Olugbodi, Prof. Akinyemi, Dr. Femi Falana, Prince & Mrs Bayo Adeyemo, Prof. (Mrs) Morayo Atimo, Oloye Goke Alege, Barr. Michael Lana, Mr. Yemi Sonde, Mr. Seun Awodele etc. together to celebrate and launch a book written by Ebika Anthony in his honour. The event was also attended by broadcast stations such as the NTA, Yes FM, BCOS, Broadcasters International Magazine, professors, politicians, broadcasters, students and lecturers.

Poetry is our life, the theme, was displayed by the organiser Ebika Anthony as he related every incident to poetry. He made use of the statement “it is poetic” to justify all actions at the event.

The writer of the book, “Rhythms For Farounbi”, and president of POEN, Ibadan and the Festival Director, Ebika Anthony in his speech said that the life of Amb. (Dr.) Yemi Farounbi is poetry, describing “Farounbi’s look as poetry. He has done a lot of works in journalism. He is a great man; he is a great mind in several fields. Farounbi has contributed immensely to the world of Geography, Communications and Politics among other fields. We are unconsciously celebrating his birthday today. We can celebrate him with poetry which encompasses all our life. We can celebrate him with music and dance”.

He gave instances of the legacies he has built, his impact in the broadcast world and his generous nature which is defined by the poet to be poetry. The book “Rhythms For Farounbi” is a collection of poems written to honour and describe the life of Amb. (Dr.) Yemi Farounbi.

It was declared by distinguished personalities that Amb. (Dr.) Yemi Farounbi served the nation, impact lives and served as a ladder for people to get to the top. The Chairman of the occasion summed up people’s remark in his speech: “I feel highly honoured to chair such an occasion to celebrate an icon. Dr. Yemi Farounbi is a giant in all fields, cutting across journalism, administration and politics. He has made great and impactful contributions to national development, especially when he was the Nigerian Ambassador to the Philippines. His friendship cuts across all political divides”.