Our world is designed for renewal. Just as the tress shed their leaves, birds shed their feathers and snakes shed their skin, so is life designed for renewal. We need to continually reinvent ourselves to be a better version of ourself. The big question however is, What are you doing to reinvent yourself for a better tomorrow?

Most times, people failed to plan for the future thinking they still have a whole lot of time before them while forgetting that tomorrow is just 24 hours away.

Yes! You read that right. TOMORROW IS JUST 24 HOURS AWAY.

Many people are stranded in life because of their unwillingness to take the risk involved in moving to the next level by reinventing themselves.

While it is okay to be afraid or unsure of certain things, it is not okay to become paralyzed or incapacitated by the emotions you are experiencing. You need not to hold on to the old because the future is certainly not in the past. The future is tomorrow while the past was yesterday. Yesterday has become old, no longer useful, or could you slide back into the past?

Holding on to old terms will result in wastage of time and resources, given the changes we are experiencing.

There are lots of opportunities you cannot access in your current state until you change and upgrade to access them. So why won’t you reinvent?

Don’t companies rebrand and upgrade their products to stay relevant in the modern world? To fit into tomorrow, you have got to upgrade, evolve and reinvent.

The inability to evolve is what leaves many with unrealised potential. Sacrificing who you are to harvest who you want to become can not be overemphasized.

Another example is the Curriculum Vitae, we upgrade it often to meet new challenges or give room for new possibilities, in other words, reinvention is an essential ingredient to meeting a better tomorrow.

While reinventing, you may need to do any of these:

• Take an inventory of where you are now, do you feel fulfilled? Are you satisfied? Do you want more? If yes is the answer to the above listed questions, then, you need to develop a great sense of dissatisfaction and discomfort for that current situation and evolve.

• Ask yourself what you plan on getting where you are going. Reinvention without a concrete plan can be said to be a waste of time.

• Who or what will go with you? There are certain friends, colleagues, partners or what have you that may not share the same vision with you, that shows they will not fit into your new status. It may be very okay  to let go of them.

Reinvention may be difficult because of fear of being vulnerable, fear of failure and fear of past or current success.

To experience the possibility of tomorrow, you need to turn your back on the failures and successes of yesterday

It is very important to:

Think of tomorrow;

Plan for tomorrow;

Work for tomorrow;

Sacrifice for tomorrow;

Live for tomorrow; and

Serve for tomorrow.

Remember, tomorrow is just 24 hours away.