At Broadcasters Int’l Magazine, we are for the Broadcast World and its personalities, not into politics. Prof Wole Soyinka, is a global personality, acknowledged Broadcast Pioneer, a literary giant. The Nobel laureate hosted Peter Obi last Sunday. The visit was historic. For the purpose of Arts/Culture/Literary World, Obi explained why he had to visit Prof Soyinka.

“Today, I visited one of Nigeria’s most revered figures and an international literary icon, Prof Wole Soyinka. Prof Soyinka has been a father whom I hold in very high esteem for what he has achieved and stands for in the struggle for a better Nigeria.

“His reputation as a fighter for justice and equity in our society has been legendary and we will NEVER ignore them. I had a very useful and enriching discussion about his aspirations for a better and greater Nigeria, and he shared a lot with me about his dream for a greater and more inclusive Nigeria. I reminded the Nobel laureate of the huge price he paid just before the outbreak of the civil war, fighting for the cause of the Igbos.

“I cherished this Sunday’s visit which was intended to erase the needless misconceptions about the relationship between the great icon and the OBIdient family”.