Pain is typically associated with physical or emotional discomfort. Pain can have various causes, including emotional distress.

It is no new thing that man was created an emotional being, i.e. we feel happiness, sadness, pain, love etc. The part of our emotions that manifests is more dependent on the circumstance that happens in our life. Often time unfavourable circumstance is the reason why we feel pained.

The fact remains that unfavourable circumstances are bound to come. That was why when Jesus started His ministry. His first message was on how to be happy (Mathew 5:1-12).

The emotional discomfort called pain is certain when our work is not going the way we want. Pain is certain when our marriage is not working out. Pain is certain when our children are not doing well in life. Pain is certain when instead of progression, there’s retrogression. Pain is certain when there’s stagnancy. However, there’s something more deadly than pain itself and that’s when you allow your pain to lead.

Pain starts leading when your mind is seriously overwhelmed by the pain of the circumstance that is unfavourable to the extent that it controls your words, actions, reactions and behavior. Pain starts leading when you could no longer see the future through the lens of the words of God, or through the encouragements of the learned/experienced people, and all you see is negativity. Your pain starts leading when you are aggressive to and hard on everyone around because of your emotional discomfort.

This is a fact that you must know. Many times, pain is an instrument in the hands of God. He makes you pass through it to refine you and bring out the best out of you. If you allow your pain to lead, you may lose the purpose of God for that pain.

Pain is hard. When passing through it, it usually seems as if the world will end. However, God is a God of purpose, He wouldn’t allow it if He doesn’t have purpose for it. It is important you understand this, the purpose of pain.

My prayer for everyone passing through pain is that God will shower His grace on you in Jesus name.