Anybody who denies the fact that there are wicked people in the world has probably not experienced the reality of it. Having being in the prophetic and deliverance ministry for a while, I have grown to discover that there are conscious demon-possessed people who live just for wickedness.

During deliverance sessions, I have seen people confessed their wickedness. I remember a day when I organised a baptism class and after the teaching, there was a brief prayer session which led to deliverance. While deliverance was on, a lady ran out of the church and I instructed people of God to catch her. When she came back to the church, she started pleading that I should have mercy on her. She said: “I’m sent to you. I didn’t know that this place will be this hot. Please, spare me”. Had it been that the place was not hot, she would have delivered her dangerous mission.

I’ve seen quite a number of wickedness in life. I’ve heard of a woman who began to cry when herself and her eldest son who was living with her wanted to eat. The man asked, “what happened mama?” The woman said: “My son please, forgive me, I don’t know this is how it will turn out. When you and your brother were young, your face was usually frown and your brother showed me love. Then, I thought within myself that he’ll take care of me more that you’ll do. So, I took your glory for him and that’s why you’ve been suffering without result. Your brother who’s abroad is using your glory”.  If you’re denying such things, come to deliverance ministry, you’ll see for yourself.

During a prophetic session in a programme, a prophet pointed to a woman and gave her a message that her daughter is in the hospital labouring as he speaks. The woman confirmed it to be true. As the man of God was praying for safe delivery, God spoke to him and he asked the woman what was under her clothes. The woman denied that nothing was under her clothes. The man of God prayed seriously to God and the woman confessed that there was a rope she tied in her stomach and that’s what’s causing the delay of the child’s delivery. What a wicked world we live in.

This conscious demon-possessed people are so evil. They hate success, breakthrough, peace, prosperity. Wherever these things are, they make sure that through their demon, they put things in disarray.

There was a woman in the Bible called Jezebel. She’s the one that manifested witchcraft the most in the Bible. After her was Ataliah.

These wicked people can be your parent, wife, husband, children, friend etc. If I had the opportunity, I would have given you my experience on each; how parents were the source of problem for their children and the rest.

We live in a wicked world full of wicked people.  To be free from the wickedness and evil of this world, you have to give your life to Christ and be a prayer person.

To everyone in this situation, I pray that the Lord of heaven will intervene and deliver you completely in the name of Jesus.

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