The life you live in the physical part of the world is largely determined by the spiritual part of the world. The influence that your life has on the people around you is also determined by the spirit that dwells in you.

There are many demon-possessed people in the world who are not even aware that they are possessed. There are some people who have been named all sort of names such as witches, wizard etc. not because they act as one but the kind of influence that their lives have on people around them.

There are some people whose life is of negative influence on people around them. I’ve seen children who refused to invite their parents to their house either for visitation or for holidays not because they hate their parents but because of the kind of influence that their parents have on them spiritually.

A man brought in his father into his house to take care of him when he was sick; he bought medicines and gave him the best of the care he could provide. Days after his father left, things began to go down. His business stopped functioning and he began to record debts, living the toughest and hardest life anybody can live. After a serious prayer, things came back to normal. A year after the first incident, the father has a challenge again and the man has no option than to take him in and care for him. The same experience he had the first time repeated itself in a worse manner. This man was so frustrated, he prayed and he discovered that his father was possessed with a demon that usually brings negative effect on wherever the father stays for a while.

People are having this experience so much. A man was employed into a company and ever since his arrival, things are working negatively for the company. A man got married just for prophecy to reveal that he married an old woman. The man confessed that “when you get to my house, you’ll testify that I indeed married an old woman”.

A lot of people in the world are having this experience and it’s seriously affecting their life and the life of those around them. Someone said to me “any man I meet usually don’t last because they do claim that it’s when I entered their life that things turn upside down”. Are you having such experience? God is still working wonders and he can deliver you from such experience. You can connect with us for instructions of how to be delivered and you shall testify in Jesus name.