Popular Ghanaian actor, Joseph Van Vicker has taken to his Instagram page to celebrate his 20th anniversary with his lovely wife, Adjoa.

The popular actor who shuffles acting in Nigerian and Ghanaian movies has made a post on Instagram to celebrate this huge feat.

He said on the post;

“The journey of togetherness began some 30 years ago.

It was locked in 20 years ago.

Happy 20th wedding anniversary to us.

It’s a blessing and no paltry sum.

Family is everything.

We are waiting for your China.”

It will be recalled that he recently made a video revealing the secret to their two-decade long lasting marriage.

According to him, couples should steer clear of segregating their earnings and instead concentrate on collaborative financial planning.

“To me, one of the most significant aspects is not dividing your income and expenses. I believe that being open about your earnings, the sources of income, and your finances is fundamental for maintaining a strong bond. Make expenditures together, create budgets together, and pool your resources,” he emphasised.

According to him, sharing financial responsibilities cultivates a sense of unity and a shared understanding.

Vicker also emphasised the significance of communication between partners and the value of actively listening to one another.