Social media personality, Isaac Fayose, has said that the only reason beautiful women marry the controversial Nigerian musician, Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, is hunger.

In the video he shared to his Instagram, he was sitted in what looked like a lounge with a female friend, who he said was the originator of the statement.

They jointly believe that only hunger can push a beautiful young lady to end up with Portable who is quite notorious for his outbursts.

Only recently, the musician caused a scene because of the birthday caption of his first wife, Bewaji, where she used “Queen of herself” as an encomium to describe herself.

Portable was highly displeased by this and stated that since he was the one who provided for her, she had no right to say that.

She eventually had to delete the post from her page after the singer had promised to send her packing if she did not.