Everyone’s life is built around his beliefs. People’s life is as a result of their belief. If you’re succeeding, it’s your belief and if you’re failing, it’s also your belief.

When your belief is right, your life will be right and vice versa. I’ve attended many business seminars and conferences, the discussion always show that your belief determines the outcome you’ll have in a business field.

I once encountered a book titled “Think and grow rich”. I was curious of what the content could be. I eventually discovered that the writer was saying that your belief about wealth determines either you’ll have it or not.

In my walk with God for some years now, I’ve discovered that what you believe is what will happen to you. If you believe that nothing bad will happen to you because God has said it, so will it be. As powerful as God is, He can’t stop what you believe from happening to you.

Have you ever thought of why you’re passing through what you’re passing through? Have you ever thought of why you’ve not overcome that situation? Your belief is a core reason behind it.

Your prayer doesn’t affect what you believe. Some people pray while their belief is not in their prayer; their belief is against the prayer. This is just a waste of time.

With or without prayers, your belief will always happen to you.