Sometimes you are in a bubbling crowd, and you feel alone. You are in a bubbling church and you feel the burden of loneliness. Yet there’s a noisy bubbling crowd around you. Excited and bubbling. But it is an anonymous crowd, perhaps excited about what you can do for them.

In spite of the excitement around you, you are weighed down by burdens of unfulfilled dreams, unfulfilled ambitions and unfulfilled aspirations.

As you are sitting in the limbo like a bird without a song waiting for the tide to roll, that is the time to seek  for the few individuals who care and appreciate your burden of loneliness, the emotional and perhaps spiritual stress, who understand that beneath the smiling calm exterior, there is a boiling turmoil.

Without those few individuals, who truly care and understand, you may be on the way to a depression. Such depression from a burden of loneliness drives some to suicide. Don’t care about the crowd, hold on firmly to those few individuals, and stand on the promises of God. You need to do this in times like this.

The anonymous crowd will be there but those few individuals will make the difference. Do you have such individuals? If you do, talk to them today. The better days are ahead of you and will surely come.