Nollywood actor, Muyiwa Ademola popularly known as Muy Authentic has noted that it is not too late to uproot the root of hatred among Nigerian citizens while celebrating the victory of the Nigerian Super Eagles against The Bafana Bafana of South Africa.

In a post he made on his official Instagram page, Ademola expressed the joy he felt seeing Nigerian citizens from different tribes jubilating without considering the differences.

He wrote; What a good time to be a Nigerian!

The kind of joy in my heart today is quite immeasurable; I screamed, I jumped, I knelt, I prayed to God, at a point I even asked God to do it for is and I would never sin again.

When we eventually won, the joy knew no bound, we hugged, I even lifted up some people at Stone Café Ibadan where I watched the match. We were over joyous. People shed tears of joy.

I wasn’t interested in the tribe that scored, no one was. I felt like sending 1 billion Naira to the boys! ( I would have if I had though) No one care about tribes, we all shared the joy as ONE – ONE NIGERIA! I saw the genuine love that was lost during election tonight.

Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Ebira

Fulani, Ijaw, Kanuri, Igala

Itsekiri, Tiv, Bariba…… We became one.

None mattered than the other tonight, if you doubt me, go to the street.

Why should football be the only thing that unite us this way?

Why can’t we hold onto the love we felt tonight and come together as one to push the country forward.

If our forefathers have planted a root of hatred, why can’t we uproot it so that our own children and children’s children will not taste out of the fruits and still preserve it for the generations yet unborn! IT IS NOT TOO LATE.