During a live broadcast on Arise TV on May 3rd 2024, anchor Reuben Abati engaged in a heated debate with guest Aderemi Adedoye, the former Commissioner of Police in Anambra State. 

Adedoye, who has recently made headlines for claiming a net worth of N20 billion, sparked the controversy by asserting that he established an investment club that has since grown to that substantial value.

He boldly declared that within the next decade, his club would rival the wealth of business magnate Aliko Dangote. Abati challenged Adedoye’s claims, questioning the feasibility of amassing such wealth through an investment club.

The discussion quickly escalated, with both men exchanging sharp words and clashing perspectives on the matter.

His comment has caused a debate with many wondering how he amassed such wealth while in active service. He was a guest on Arise TV this morning to address some of the concerns raised by Nigerians. His interview took a different turn after he failed to stop speaking when the anchor, Reuben Abati, wanted to ask further questions.

Both men had an exchange of words before the programme continued.