Congolese Legendary Musician, Louis Albert William Longomba, known professionally as Awilo Longomba, is currently in Nigeria.

He arrived in Nigeria few days ago and it’s been just all love for him .

In Nigeria , Awilo Longomba is the celebrity of all celebrities , he is regarded as a musical god and nobody dares to ever say trash about him .

How did Awilo Longomba , a Congolese musician become so popular In Nigeria ?

When he was very active in music many years ago, his music penetrated the Nigerian market, he made a whole generation of Nigerians dance to his music even though they didn’t hear what he was saying, he sold out shows and venues in the country and since then his legacy in Nigeria is untouched .

Nigerian musicians use his name in their songs almost all the time, he is so loved in Nigeria to the extent he is seen as the celebrity of Nigerian celebrities.

Awilo Longomba is a big name in Nigeria. Even after many years.