Actress Shan George has warned her colleagues in the movie industry to desist from adding her to only groups where she contributes to the welfare of others.

Venting her emotions in a clip on her Instagram page, Shan George alleged that her colleagues never call her for opportunities to earn a living but find ways to make her lose funds in the name of welfare.

The Actress claimed she woke up Thursday morning to find herself in 15 WhatsApp groups where funds are being solicited for other colleagues.

While warning her colleagues never to add her to such groups, Shan alleged that nobody cares about her welfare or how she manages but are quick to invite her to make donations for others.

Shan alleged, “You have never called me for work before but whenever it’s time to make a contribution, you will form a WhatsApp group and put my name.”

Speaking in pidgin, she said “You dey do work o, you dey pay people o, you no ever one day remember say oh make we call this woman, Shan George, make she even take part for this major movie or work or even if na waka pass, make I just see small garri drink for house with my children.

“With all due respect to whoever! Mbok No dey call me for contribution if you don’t call me for work.”